Dear You

Dear You, a smile, a glass, a toast and a cheer

More we need in our cups and beer

I sit till I pay my faithful bill

Fear you? No, hemmed in still


Dear You, a sign, a gaze, a wish, and a deer

My heart goes hunting, for the best of you,

Your hotspot, I think I get the cue

Red carpet, fits only you, O here comes Vals

Let’s do this, with strange carnivals


Dear You, a charm, a spell, magic and bear

Men like beaches and pear

But I love pretties and pearl

My love for you is a miracle

I‘ve found the perfect arc, on love’s icicle


Dear You, a parcel, a joke, a token, and near

Behold my heart of love

Retold our story of dove

Keep me in your chamber

Sweetness only I remember



Dear You, a promise, a ring, a song and hear

Oh no, am not ashamed to make you laugh

Something from my desk to keep the smile

Perhaps loves’ ocean needs no surf

You see, we can do without a bit of bile

I need to reach the destination of your love

Which direction should I move?


Dear You, a flower, a letter, a date and a gear

That flavors our love and sweet melody

Or season the ancient lovers comedy

Sshhee, Silence, I can feel her breeze

Sweetening more than dairy cheese

O God grant thy precious mercy


Dear You, a look, a hug, a peck and kiss

Behold the love in your arms, only I could miss

Night is dawning, turn on faster

The sun is setting, a glorious reminder

Good moaning, great wishes and a lovely hiss

Love series , ouch, I think I love this

Dear, You are my only ‘’Dear You’’.

By Ntim Gyakari

Posted by: Ntim Gyakari


Joo | 2/9/2021 2:41:51 AM

great piece


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