The Church Bells And Ambulances

At every second, minutes, hours, days, and weeks
Even in months, the ears and heart
Can no longer hear the sound of the church bells and ambulance near and far apart
The pandemic of sound in this our era

Developing goosebumps when
Two aspects are shouted, hooted and heard
At the same and random time

The heart starts asking questions!
God, when will Covid-19 end?
God, what is the signal of our watches? Time for work? Time for shopping?
Time for hanging out with family, friends, and loved ones? Time for public gathering and meetings?
Time for travelling? Time for internal and external transactions?
All these now becomes insignificant to the human race specially
Tell me all these are just for a period of time

In silence I begin to tune away my ears
God, how many times have these two aspects being inferior to each other?
This heart of mine is increasingly becoming sad and stabbing miserably
When reading the graphics and listening to the news

Seconds, minutes, hours, days and months are running
Yet, the sound of ambulances kept ringing repeatedly
The church bells react opposite alike
In this dimness of heart Lord I pray

Please God! Are people falling sick again?
Are they dying as well?
Nope Lord, I refuse to heed
And believe in the outcome of the above

Because it's been hours
Yet the sound of each resurfaces in different directions
You sound! Where are you?
You Covid-19, when is this your behavior of heaviness going to stop?

God, it is only in you we run and cry out this
As a reinforcement of our lives
Only in You that arose in
Both body and spirit to a new life

Lord God, may the dead rest in eternal peace
The sick and vulnerable be healed in your name

God, this time again
I pray specially for doctors, nurses and medical practitioners
That they may be given the strength of spirit, soul and body
As well as health, faith and hope that is firm in you
As the main leader of all the doctors, nurses and medical practitioners in the world

Who always accompany and carry out this noble taste
For the sake of the safety of all humanity.

• Terence A. Asitibasi
(Author | Poet | Researcher)
By Terence A. Asitibasi

Posted by: Terence A. Asitibasi

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