When The Times Are Hard

When the times are hard
And is as if you carry the weight of the world,
On your weary shoulders,
You,a single soul
Do remember,
Life is not about how hard you hit
But is about how hard you get hit
And yet keep moving on
Keep moving on
On and On
Life will teach you this,
Keep moving On

Events won't always happen as you want
The Sun and Rain never tell you when they'd come
But yet learn to dance in the rain
and shade in the Sun anyway
If you can learn to keep your head clear,
Above the seas roaring all around you,
If you can have thoughts
and yet not lose yourself to thoughts,
Then,you'll be okay no matter which sea you sail

When the times are hard
Don't believe everything your mind tells you
For how could you possibly know all is true?

When you get trapped,
In your thoughts,
As you will from time to time,
Do remember,
The present moment is all that is real
Why worry?

When the times are hard
Guard your thoughts even harder
Against the thief of the liveliness of your soul
Which is yourself
Do remember,
You have all you need in yourself
to fight every battle you face on your journey
You're simply enough

When the times are hard
Choose to allow it make you stronger
Always strive to be a survivor
For you're enough to win every battle life gives
By Salifu Tahiru

Posted by: Salifu Tahiru

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