Dad walked home one night

Drenched and highly perfumed

With the stench of alcohol

He mised the way to his room

A couple of times before finally finding his way in

He was intoxicated and wasted

Mum followed up

To the bedroom

The next thing that came

Was a scream for help

Then she fled from the room

To the hall with dad

After her in a hot pursuit

His face,beaming red with anger

His eyes, flaming red

He grabs a glass from the table

And throws it at mum

Dad!, I screamed at him to stop

But the glass misses mum

Hits the wall and splits into pieces

Now a heart has been crushed

A family has been broken

A dream has been shattered

Mum leaves for she can

No more take the heat any longer

She gave up not, she was brave

If she stayed who knows

She might have ended in up her grave

Every day her tears flows

Nourishing the ground with sorrow

Now in my heart is an arrow

Deeply buried inside of me

I bleed anytime I remember

Dad was a good man

But why that sudden change?

A doctor I had always dreamt of

But now look at me

The streets has become my shield

My only protector and shelter

I wanted to save lives

To make ends meet

But now I make ends meet

By taking lives

I wanted to be helpful in society

But now society is helpful to me

No pity for the pity,

The pitied pities me

Point no fingers at me

I am the center of attraction

Don't judge me,I am not evil

Call me the builder,I demolish things

Hide your wealth from me,they are mine

For I get what I want when I want

Don't fix me, I will fix you

I am not the fixer but if you come

From a family where everything

Is broken,you learn to fix things

Watch me as I fix my new life



S Kojo Frimpong

By S Kojo Frimpong

Posted by: S Kojo Frimpong

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