The Paradox Of Election 2020

The cocoa season is conceived 

The compatriots turn vigilant 

The politician facing threats

Been forced to play nonsense


Stealthily hastened into act

Serpents lurking for their prey

Predators’ cant being exposed

By that no ‘mogu’ is caught


If not for the two seasonal enemies

Presidential candidates will prick electorates

Joyously, competence is the marking scheme

The pandemic has set difficult questions 


Politicians are in a higgledy-piggledy

Electorates are in a comfortable lead

Rolling and ruling with their thumbs

But lo, let us see who suffers soon.


Poem by yours only,

✍️ Abdul Rahman Odoi

@Big Odoi_Poems

All rights reserved.©️2020

By Abdul Rahman Odoi

Posted by: Abdul Rahman Odoi

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