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Different Colours, One Humanity

There are different races,
Negroid, Caucasoid, Capoid, Mongoloid, and Australoid.
There are different skin colours,
Black, White, Yellow, Red, and Brown.
There are different human societies.
But there's only one globe,
monopolized by one mortal family named HUMANITY.

It's high time we looked beyond race,
and efface this indelible and horrible trace,
from the surface of this place [earth],
given to us by grace.
It's time to chase and embrace,
that precious vase [humanity], distinguished as Heyse,
colossal as space,
and stylish as an endless staircase.
From which flourish thousands of flowers [ people],
of different colours,
but interspersed as a consolidated community,
momentary as a fleeting eternity,
and mysterious as the divine Trinity.

By Nicholas Kwashi Sitso Amessouwoe

Posted by: Nicholas Kwashi Sitso Amessouwoe

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