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Beautiful Eyesore

I saw a woman stumble and fall as she ran
I looked on as a soldier brandished his gun

I saw the woman cry and scream "no more"
I looked on as the soldier replied "this is war"

I saw a young man weep, feeling his resolve break
I looked on as he drowned himself in the lake

A little girl made a grand wish on her birthday
Years later i looked on as she choked on her own cake

I saw a poor soul saying life is better than death
I looked on as he drew his last breath

I saw a lady take selfies , praising herself
Staring at her image in the mirror she cursed herself

I saw people look for God in a church
I looked on as they embraced the devil instead

Don't ask me why my eye looks dark and dreary
Or why plucking it would make me merry
The visions it holds make it weary

And though i gaze through a tiny hole,
I behold the light of a future yet untold
By The.Blind.Shaman

Posted by: Sedem Prempeh

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