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Sweet Taboo [episode 6] The Open Heart (18+ Poetry)

O Ablah! O Ablah
Why did you slam the brakes
And flee so fast
The ride was jolly
With you revving the best in me

My veins awakened
And my rod danced out its heart
Yes, like a broken clock
Tick tock
You still gave me a block
Now I have blues

I know it wasn't fear
But that sacred vow
Yet i won't give up
Till your paradise is mine

Your stars glowed in the darkness above
With the peep so galactic
The touch was soft as silk
And the taste, of marinated onions,
Why did you leave me wanting more?

Yes I yearn to see you again
To kiss your lobes 
And whisper into them
The truth of life - 
No oath is stronger
Than a heart's desire.

Ding Dong 
The Taboo lives on!

Authored by Richard Bansah 13th June,2020

By Richard Bansah

Posted by: Richard Bansah

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