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While Black.....

A time upon the world 
When I couldn't breathe! 
When I couldn't walk! 
When I couldn't run! 
Heck! I wasn't even allowed to crawl!

It was slavery, 
While black ...

I walk into a store, 
Not wanted, I'm told. 
When I put my hand 
In my bag, the cashier goes, 
"No cash in the register!" 
To sing, gets cold looks! 
To dance, not sedate enough! 
To laugh, too loud!
It was stigma 
While black ... 

My patents, my research, 
My gold, my diamonds, my 3Ts 
"Don't touch those, 
Let's keep these for you!" 
My speed! my strength! my sports!
Only good for your medal tally! 
Unfair trade agreements, 
Strangle my economy. 
It's poverty, 
While black ... 

Children are taught 
"Scream black When caught" 
AI Is programmed, 
If black, swat it!
Is my total annihilation, 
Your quest? 
It's excruciating, 
Being black ... 

A time upon the world, 
Now I can't breathe! 
Now I can't walk! 
I can't run! 
Heck! I can't even watch birds! 
It's a death sentence,
While black... 

The time will come 
I can breathe! 
I can walk! 
I can run! 
Heck! I can even watch whales! 
It'll be life, 
While black ... 

But when? 
But how? 
But ... 
While black ...

By Comfort Ocron

Posted by: Comfort Ocron

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