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Weet Taboo: Episode 3 Love Or Lust ( Ablah Responds To Nii )

weet Taboo: Episode 3

Love or Lust ( Ablah responds to Nii )

Oh Nii!

Why do you do this to me?

You are sure not perturbed

And this gets me disturbed

I need strength to overcome

But you're hell bent to come

I am unsure

What you do assure

Love or lust?

You walk me through a mental torture

In pursuit of my heart’s aperture

Yet in truth you seek my thigh gap rapture

Tell me, what feeling do you nurture?

Love or lust?

Your throbbing in between has surely lost his mind

To seek to lose heaven with me behind

For just your hot rod,

My paradise to rot?

Tell me, what feeling you truly erupt?

Love or Lust?

Your words

nonetheless pierce,

They surge my urge

And weakens my strength to purge

I must confess

You are my first

I so much swore

My feeling I’ll never war

But here I am, lost at core

He is my one

And you not my two

I am so lost

On where you plot

Somewhere In my heart

You place your dart.

Still anguished

I need this feeling extinguished

But reluctant to relinquish

Is this lust or love?

Ding dong!

This must stop

Before we flop

Let’s meet to exit

No! That’s a taboo!

Still in Anguish, Ablah

Authored by: Senyo Hosi, 14th May 2020
By Bbc News

Posted by: Bbc News

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