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The Big Pause

It's present all around
Everything seems unsound
Everything is at a standstill
No work,no imports
No school,no exports

First an epidemic
Now a pandemic
People are dying
suffering from fever and having difficulty in breathing

But we can protect ourselves
By washing our hands frequently
avoiding close contacts and
touching of the face

Covering our sneeze and cough
with disposable tissues,
staying home and self isolating from others
Will help protect ourselves and others

We're all at risk
Let's take steps to protect ourselves
Covid 19 is not a vehicle for stigmatization
It put us all in peril

The fear of being labeled
"the one with corona virus"
make people fake not to have the virus
our duty is to correct misconceptions

We're fighting the virus
not the people
It has already taken much from us
Let's not allow it take away our humanity too

This isn't the time
to stigmatize,
blame other's
or increase prices

It's time to seek the face of The Creator
Follow simple safety measures
Think of life more than money
Know humanity and help one another

We're not to panic
But truth be told
it isn't a child's play
We're all in danger
and its up to us to think health
not wealth

Health is the sweetest fruit of life's tree
Let's put health first
Anything else can wait till further notice...
Let's fight the new virus together

By Osman Aliatu

Posted by: Osman Aliatu


Osman Aliatu | 4/22/2020 12:58:53 PM

Stay safd


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