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When I have No Family

TITLE: WHEN I HAVE NO FAMILY (1) Through the sound of rushing waters Where silence has no habitation I knew no ears but eyes To see the roaring see below A hope to see through all alone When I have no family (2) On the bed of roses long ago A helping hand I stretched Friends and family alike I soared the wings of help Till help I see no more When I have no family (3) But with this heart of ears I long t hear the cry through the waters A cry which slowly ended without help In the gloom of my heart I laughed on tears When I have no family (4) Through the faceless dreams Longing to see a face in the shadows Till I realized there was no face to see Time was fast gone on the waiting It was but in vain to cry When I have no family. Written by: Francis Jebuni

by Francis Jebuni

 Posted by: Francis Jebuni

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