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Lord, Save Us From Hand Sanitizer Profiteers

For Nhyiraba, who asked what am writing today? While many pray for mercy towards this corona crises, Some profiteers are only ballooning their hand sanitizer prices. While the spread of the virus has drawn tears Others without empathy have become profiteers It is a piteous pity That in such trying times, some Ghanaians show no sympathy One wonders the utter ugliness With which some have put thousand percent on sanitizer prices The Holy Book says "Love your neighbours as yourselves" Yet, some greedy sellers think of only profit for themselves. By raising the prices of hand sanitizer so high These heartless sellers are telling those who can't afford to go and die So by the grace of coronavirus, sanitizer has become very vital That some inhuman beings are making skyrocketing capital? Such profiteers pray the coronavirus soars That for high profit, they would win hand sanitizer souls. Why should something that cost 2 cedi a fortnight Be parachuted to 15 cedis overnight? It begs the question to think why some will horde Sanitizer to make it difficult for people to afford? May we wake to see no more of coronavirus That those who have wickedly horde sanitizers will be at loss May we wake to see coronavirus say bye bye That the unrighteous profiteers will cry Lord, let the days of coronavirus expire That the selfish profiteers will perspire Lord, grant us divine peace For we can't afford exorbitant fees. In the gracious guarding God we trust In profit seeking men we will rust. From a room with a pen alone Poet-Shaddy

by Shadrack Oteng || Poet-Shaddy

 Posted by: Shadrack Oteng || Poet[-] Shaddy

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