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Hurtful Words And Its Consequences On The Victims

Hurtful words It brings bad memories more than ever Parents, in what way are you talking to your children at home? Do you curse them whenever they make the slightest mistake or correct them with love? Mum tell us everyday, no matter what always correct with love Oh friends, how do you treat yourselves whenever you are annoyed with one another? Do you say bad things that lingers in the mind of the one you said them to? Remember, words are very powerful as they can heal or cause scars Words can mar or make someone; Words can uplift or cause downfall Teachers, what steps do you take in helping that dullard student in your class? Do you constantly remind him or her of never being able to make it in life? What if you counsel the student and let him or her know the grades can change drastically if he or she works hard Dear employers, in what way do you treat the ones under you? What words do you say to them everyday whenever they make mistakes? Dear leaders, how do you talk to your followers? Do you speak in an humble way or in an arrogant manner? Wealthy ones, what words do you say to the beggers that ask for your assistance? Have you ever wonder if people are hurting due to your words to them? Do you speak to people in the way you would like to be addressed as well? Remember you can save a soul by saying the right words Speak gentle words, not hurtful ones Because to get over hurtful words takes a longer time than you expected As it keeps replaying itself in the mind of the ones you lash out with words Save a soul today by saying kind words to them

by Abdulkareem Taoheedah Kehinde

 Posted by: Abdulkareem Taoheedah Kehinde

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