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Valentine Poem By Emeka Asinugo: Give Us Five

Today, once again we celebrate. Throughout the world, all lovers are set! How could they even forget so easily The passion they've nurtured so eagerly? The unchanging love of mother and son That echoes of favours done and undone Unblemished love of dad and daughter That ensures in family there is no bother Simmering love between every sibling Neighbours, as we go out and come in The love we profess for our community Cousins and nephews with much affinity Yet it might well be: but in all of these Many forget in the prevailing blitz The love that counts above every love As He painfully hung on the Cross above So, brothers and sisters let's celebrate Play, sing, dance, merry, drink and eat In 2020 with the love of Christ at heart For God loved the world, His main Art He gave his only son so dear to us That who believes shall not be at loss He, like the son, will have eternal life So, people of God are winners. Give us five.

by Emeka Asinugo

 Posted by: Emeka Asinugo

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