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S. Kojo Frimpong

Want to be with you So I can draw the solar system On your eyes, I will put inside you the secret of the world And kiss you till you smell of air, Fell your tender soft touch And get closer to your heart So I can count every beat like 1,2,3,4,5 to infinity. I am like a creepy plant Crawling in the soils of your heart On the Earth of your soul, That is where I want to find life And that is where I want to stay eternally Feel the sweet scented flavor on my skin And explore all the beauty of our love From deep within my secret garden leave me stark naked and defenseless On an empty beach. Make me venerable And consume me Wildly and greedily Like you have never tasted anything of me before And when you smile, Smile wide for you have everything you'd ever need In my pale brown eyes. S KojoFrimpong (Poems from the graves)

by S. Kojo Frimpong

 Posted by: S. Kojo Frimpong

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