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Pseudo Prophets And Pentecostal Charlatans

They rise when evil flourishes as if into the coffers of Lucifer they pay their membership fees And it doesn’t cease to amaze that when their numbers increase evil doesn’t even decrease Like true corrupt spiritual police, they let the demons roam from place to place as they please And in their presence, the suffering of their own followers grows high like the eucalyptus trees They may look like true preachers and seers but these are serious deceivers and tricksters Who understand it’s quite easy to fool the religious folk when you pronounce the name Jesus And so, they hide behind the guise of religion, yet in real life they are ruthless soul traders Who trample their congregants under the soles of their feet as they jostle for highest bidders It’s true that genuine prophets are there and even real Pentecostal leaders are there as well But the numbers of pseudo prophets and Pentecostal charlatans around here continues to swell And now, if they stand side by side, their difference, it has become difficult for people to tell Because every day, the reality of most Christians is tragic as their suffering burns like hell Year in, year out, they continue to make decrees and prophecies that rarely comes to be While their congregants continually suffer the pangs of pain as if they are being stung by bees Confusion and wretchedness continuously hover on their followers like a perennial dark eclipse While they themselves always shine bright in the skies of affluence with dazzling glitz The synagogue is their own kind of theatre, in it, they even have the fame of Hollywood actors They just need to wear the tag “Christians” for them to be highly paid religious thespians Because with the Bible in their hands, they know they can easily hypnotize their gullible followers Who can’t even suspect they are falling into the trap of mind twisting ‘Scripture spitting’ fraudsters These pseudo prophets and Pentecostal charlatans have become a serious moral and ethical hazard By turning their followers into hero worshipping, Bible shunning and miracle expecting sluggards That are made to booze on ‘toxic hope’ while being turned into food starving religious drunkards Who blindly sing praises to these ‘poisonous fruit trees’ of the prophetic and Pentecostal orchards ©Brian Kazungu, 02 December 2019

by Brian Kazungu

 Posted by: Brian Kazungu

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