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To Base Love On That Alone, Wisdom Said No

There is a beautiful girl that I saw And for to get her, my mind said go I said to myself be quick and don't be slow But to base love on beauty alone, Wisdom Said No It says don't base love on looks alone For if she lacks virtue and prudence, she will leave you alone Since her heart and mind would not have matured and grown And by that, pain, shame and ridicule in your heart will be sown In my encounter with her, her eloquence tickled my emotions Her fine words seemed to promise me the essence of existence And so I told myself to do whatever it takes to let her know That hand in hand, in love, I wanted us to stroll But to base love on mere words and voice alone, Wisdom Said No It says there are virtues that must be in her to be shown And warns that if she lacks good manners, respect and charity Tattered and confused, she will leave your heart broken and torn When I saw this beautiful lady, with love, my heart felt like melting But wisdom made me to ask if her personality was worthy emulating It made me to check if her hands can work and if her heart is caring For those it says are the virtues of a woman worthy getting Surely, she looked so fine and she appeared so bright with a fair shine Beauty, eloquence and fair speeches described her With all these, I saw my heart giving her a loving stare But to base love on beauty, a sweet voice and fair speeches alone, Wisdom Said No ©Brian Kazungu, 2017

by Brian Kazungu

 Posted by: Brian Kazungu

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