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Last Days

Seeing the waters drip from the windows of the souls present made me sad Eyes filled with rage, pain and sorrow at the same time Most souls present so mad Some withholding, others letting it all out I saw it all, some just movements felt like mime Others, just blindly walking about Pain, pain as a result of our dear friend who has fallen into a sleep without upstanding A dear friend we once had, his end so mesmerizing it surpasses our understanding The sounds we used to hear were happy ones Now all we can say is, we used to be happy once A brother, a friend, a captain and a loving dad Now you have left us, even your young lad Just the mere thought of you in a casket is a thorn in my flesh Death, the bully, has taken you away in a thresh Your last days with us I admit were not so comforting But I hope, I sincerely hope that you'll rest in peace everlasting Seeing you in so much pain hurt me to the core But now you are in peace, your absence hurts me even more So strong that even through the pain, you put smiles on our face last we saw you Now that you are gone, what are we going to do Lay still, lay in peace for no matter how envious we are of the other realm which took you from us, we can't have you back now Again I say lay in peace, for we shall meet again, one day and till then Lay in peace  

by Richard Nimoh

 Posted by: Richard Nimoh

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