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The Evil Kins

Everyone else may think they are just your harmless next of kins But they can do you more harm than your eye ever sees Their hearts and minds are full of bad stuff like garbage bins When you stumble and fall, you can't imagine it's them who laid you a siege Whether you are a brother or sister, to them you can be a victim Their coming in and going out is governed by an evil thought system Your hopes, dreams, healthy and wealthy they want to see it all bleeding Even if you have no fault, they tell themselves let us fix him They will never attack you direct, so that, them, you will never suspect In the light of the day and in the darkness of the night, you are still their target Their hate for you, without any justification, it is picture perfect And so the degree of danger they pose to you, you must never underestimate Of your every movement, like scientists, they are very attentive and analytical But unfortunately, they are selfish, cruel, retrogressive and diabolical To deal with them, you must be very wise, unpredictable and radical So that their plans against you will never be effectively practical To remove from you those who matter the most, into your life they break in Even though for them you are always praying but against you they are always scheming With them you share the same blood and yet they have pledged to make your life hard To you, their punishment is never enough even though you may look helpless and tired Somewhere, somehow, we all have one or more cunning evil kins Whose minds and hearts is against us regardless of the same colour of skin But your mind, body and soul, with the Trinity of heaven you must form a team So that to the evil kins, you shall never become a permanent victim ©Brian Kazungu, 20/10/2019

by Brian Kazungu

 Posted by: Brian Kazungu

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