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My Freedom Day

Every day must be my freedom day, for why should I be bound? Why should fellow men think I am a product to trade? When in real life we must all engage our skills and resources So that together we can bake and eat the bread of brotherhood Yes, every day is free to come and go, for the hands of time I cannot stop But slavery and human trafficking, the day must quickly drop them down Not as seeds that must pop and grow again But as dirt that must be flushed down the drain Yes, I remember and cherish well these words by Saint Augustine The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page But human trafficking and slavery is not the travelling he meant For surely, the spirit, body and soul must be free to go and see world Every day is its own day, but in it my hopes and dreams should not rot and decay For I still deserve the freedom to try again and not to be detained by slavery For I still deserve the freedom to wash away the stain of my weakness For I still deserve the place, time and chance to showcase my giftedness Yes, every day, I deserve the freedom to choose even if from that I may lose Yes, I deserve the freedom to speak my mind even if I may seem behind I deserve the freedom to be me, I deserve the freedom to live than just to exist Indeed, every day must be a freedom day where freedom reigns everywhere we go ©Brian Kazungu, 21 March 2017

by Brian Kazungu

 Posted by: Brian Kazungu

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