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Hope Deferred, Strength Drained

Sometimes I ask myself Till when should I remain this positive? When my hope is deferred and my strength is drained But in all this I get some peace From believing that a beautiful tomorrow is ready to give me a warm embrace Every night before I sleep, I always see a beautiful tomorrow But every day when I wake up in that tomorrow Reality seem to always say, sorry, try again tomorrow And because of this, my hope is deferred and my strength is further drained Something in me always says tomorrow is beautiful And that even in this despair, I am be less stressful But surely today, the energy to go on is no longer full Because every time when my hope is deferred, my strength is drained Despite the despair of a beautiful tomorrow that seems to come around I always feel like, I am a champion who will soon be crowned For I believe that whatever is keeping me restrained Is proof enough that there is treasure to be gained I am still hopeful even though my life seems to be at a standstill I am always dutiful even though my reality proves to be hurtful Indeed, I am always stirred to stand up, to rise up and to never give up Even though my hopes keep getting deferred and my strength getting drained © Brian Kazungu, 12/02/17

by Brian Kazungu

 Posted by: Brian Kazungu

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