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General Emeritus, The Ambassador Of Literature

I am the messenger of literature I come from literature, I go to literature I live in literature, I represent literature I am General Emeritus, The Ambassador of Literature Literature is my heartbeat, literature is my upbeat When there is a flaw in literature, I feel the pangs of pain But when literature smoothly flows, I can smell the rains of gain When the beauty of literature is embraced, life will look like a heavenly terrain Literature is words, words are literature The ancient book, The Bible even points us to the origins of literature It says *in the beginning was the word, the word was with God and the word was God* Since then, words have been, are and shall always the symbol of literature Even though literature is as old as far back as life can be traced Its impact is always as fresh as the morning of everyday Literature is an art, literature is an invention, and literature is creation Literature is reason showcased, literature is emotion expressed. In the philosophy of literature, we are all literate For we all see it, but none of us the whole For he who stands in front may not read what is behind but is not blind And he who stands behind may not read the afront and yet is not of a lesser kind I am the messenger of literature, I celebrate literature, I promote literature In literature, everyone everywhere is my beloved fellow And as such, unto you all I extend my heartfelt *'hello'* I am General Emeritus, The Ambassador of Literature ©Brian Kazungu, 2019

by Brian Kazungu

 Posted by: Brian Kazungu

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