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When A Tree Falls

When a tree falls, it might fall on walls
Which kept the home together.
It scatters all but not with nothing to gather.
Only it hibernates, springs up and sprout
'Cause it's roots are immortal.
When a tree falls, there it lays till its seeds sprouts.

Birds lose their nest and children their ground of play,

Yet many loses the shoulder upon which it's burdens laid.

But only it's the 'Adaur' to the other world.

When a tree falls, the grounds dully shake
As hearts of many unruly quake,
YOU are not an island just like we are the continuity to generations.

YOU are not buried but sown in your footprints on the sands of time.

Busumuru Kofi Annan,
Ghanaians, Africans and the world have broken your heart Anaa?

Why have you fallen when our centre can't not be held?

Why have you turned your heart from us when our world still need it's future to be together held?

The tree that stood towering over the entire world has fallen,

The birds of the air are desserted and the hopes that rested on it are shaken.

Things are falling apart and the center can not be held.

Your departure will be forever felt.
Icon of Africa,
Deacon of peace,
Your rope that tied the turbulent lands have broken.

If you have fallen, fall not forever but for a mortal beggining of the end.

Busumuru, lay well,
Agyapa, nante yie.
Africaman ne Ghanaman yinaa ma wo damrifa due,
Due ne amanehunu.
Written by
Mbilla Gladys Alasid.
[email protected]

by Mbilla Gladys Alasid

 Posted by: Mbilla Gladys Alasid

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