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"...chronicle Of Naa Adei..."

The night refused to bow to the already assaulted day. Now, it was night time, the breeze that gave me solace whispered fortunes. The clouds moved towards my aggression, with a slight smile, i felt meek. I gazed all around, the torrents, i felt loved. Growing up as a young lady, she had an early self discovery. A lady who knew her position on the map of her future. She patiently located her top spot. Just like the river apologized to the sea for filing divorce to create a tributary, the fairness of a stream eventually brooks through the rock of her humbled heart.

Love was sighted in a twilight of time. Smiles through tussle, but her dimples absorbed the polka face that made it round. She was black and gifted, her architectural make up needed extra graph work. Her pupil invited a peep, her lips moisturized itself and lubricanted each word she uttered. Love loomed her into a goddess, her beauty was infinite. Life rapidly engulfed her love, everything around her enabled her to sample the beatitudes of life. Life kept being meaningful and more understanding to the heart that seem to be familiarized with the adjustments of life. The moon needed no verification to set, the sun had no doubt to shine. The rain only waited majestically to coincide her wishes to downpour.

Just like moments transcended it portions, to make scenes ridiculous, so did joy exceeded her heart to embrace the day she was welcomed to earth. Now, i understand that life's patterns have no relevance or whatsoever unless the captain of the ship sails in the spirit of her ideology. Making bold decisions, crafting amazing experiences, orchestrating assumptions into sustainable plans. A woman with the heart of gold. She called in the sun and immediately the moon unfolded. The command was polite but forceful. The language was clear but only known to the heart that understood it echo. Soon, the years halted for another to be added. A lady born solely to win...

Authored By: Frederick Brooks De'Poet🇬🇭
Email: [email protected]
Photo Credit: Brenda Naa Adei Kotey

by Frederick Brooks

 Posted by: Frederick Brooks

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