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Bewail Of A Patriot

By sweat and by space,
We journeyed to this place,
Armed with anger and selfishness,
Clouded in anxiety and eagerness,
But later in hope,
we parted with guns, amours and rope.
Then the men in uniforms,
Wearing their black angry skins,
Relegated their authority and rulership,
To the common civilian ‘fool’,
To serve as a progressive tool,
For the development of our motherland,
For the cause of freedom and justice,
For the want of peace and harmony,
To breathe fresh air into its countrymen,
And cure them off their weary ailments.
But 61 years on,
Our Ghana,
still produces hyenas as leaders,
Carnivores in shirt and tie as teachers,
Sociologists in banks as bankers,
And hostiles in hospitals as nurses.
61 years on,
Our young exuberant men,
like vagabonds,
still roam the streets.
With despair in their eyes,
Grief on their skins,
And sorrow on their lips.
They hunger for jobs,
To feed their inquisitive stomachs,
And to eschew hope,
Into their homeless families.
_They’re homeless not hopeless_.
61 years on,
Our commercial roads,
still buried in empty plastic waste.
Our gutters,
Smell worse than carcasses.
Our hospitals,
Hunger for more beds and stretches.
Our schools,
still have their WiFi’s on for chalk.
And our roads,
still serving as unproductive Wells.
But for God’s favor,
we almost lost our waters.
....61 years on...
61 years on,
our lawyers cannot defend our laws,
They would rather exchange them for goats.....
Sheep, or even black “polytene” bags.
And our illustrious innocent men,
still rot and decay in jail.
..Yet still..,
the real professional criminals,
freely roam in air conditioned offices.
and moving from one hotel to another.
61 years on,
But Ghana is rather losing its honor
With the red and black colors on it’s banner,

Stained with human excreta,
And dropped on leveled ground,
After a relieving “shit”,
For lack of toilet facilities.
..hmm 61 years on..
61 years on,
Yet we still,
Major in the minor
And minor in the major.
But our hopes,
now rekindled.
And here to stay,
Now and forever..
Arise Ghana,
Arise and shine the black star.
Save Nkrumah’s Ghana,
Save the blood of Nii Kwabena Bonni,
Osu Alata Mantse,
Save the toil of our forefathers and foremothers.
Save the future of unborn generations.
....Save our Ghana
Negus the Poet
July, 2018.
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by Negus The Poet

 Posted by: Negus The Poet


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