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Until Africans Take Sanitation As Our Occupation....

Writers of Africa, let me give you one major theme
Which whenever I think of I scream
Our constant preoccupation
Has blindfolded us of eyesore sanitation.
Cities of Africa are bathed in filth
As none is ready to take the guilt.
How can Africa flourish
When our environment is swallowed by rubbish?
The poor sanitation across many African cities is an eyesore

But many Africans do not heed to the sanitation call.

Until open defecations in Africa seizes
We will continue to carry money to our streets to buy diseases.

Our Sanitation Ministries are of no use
As many of our gutters continue to be choked by refuse.

Our attitude towards sanitation is nothing to write home about

As we continue each day to litter about.
Our capital cities are worse by far
Charity begins at home, let me start with the stench in Accra

Sanitation hasn't been a political focus
Is it better in our dear Lagos?
Abijan has no different story
Free Town's poor sanitation is also a worry.
The media waste precious time on newspaper review
Yet mountains of rubbish sit in African cities to every eye view.

Our cities are pregnant with political posters and billboards

Yet no sanitation posters hug our walls.
We should stop blaming stubborn African mosquitoes
Because our attitude towards sanitation has been as rotten tomatoes.

Refuse and traders fight for space in African cities

While individuals are as nonchalant as our authorities.

I am appealing to all African multitudes
For a better Africa, let's change our sanitation attitudes.

Let's all be ambassadors of sanitation
To raise the flag of our African nations.

by Shadrack Oteng

 Posted by: Shadrack Oteng

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