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The Sorrows Of An African Poet

When I think of Africa as a land pregnant with gold

then am saddened by the immeasurable hardship untold

When I think of African diamonds,
am shock we are still among the commons
When I think of our virgin forests
then I can't fathom why we are among the poorest.

When I think of our overflowing petroleum,
I question the reason for our opprobrium.
When I think of the acres of African colossal cocoa,

I get worried why among continents, we still kowtow.

When I think of African ubiquitous universities
then I question their production of degrees of young societal liabilities.

When I think of the vast uncultivated African lands,

I become ashamed of our leaders constantly stretching begging hands.

When I think of Africa and her bounteous bauxite,
I get lost why poverty continue to blindfold our sight.

When I think of the plethora of African degree holders

then I ask why we have been unable to find the developmental key holders?

I weep when I think of Africa and her countless needy

whose destinies have been thwarted by the political greedy.

When I think of my second nationality, Nigeria and her vast resources

I feel sad that her children continue to kneel under poverty crosses

When I think of mother Ghana, with her natural minerals

I feel sorry her children continue as poor withered petals

When I think of wartorn Libya will vast oil
am agonised by the human blood wetting her soil.
I moan when I think of our brothers in Togo
who are suffering under power drunk political logo.

Writers of Africa
Patriotic preachers of Africa
Sensitive serious scholars of Africa.
Let's all arise to lift our ailing Africa.
Shadrack Oteng (Poet-Shaddy)

by Shadrack Oteng

 Posted by: Shadrack Oteng

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