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A Student Of University Of Ghana Writes To President Akufo-Addo

Dear, Mr President. A poem by Frederick Brooks De'Poet...

The country holds no phobia to despair against fear of being sidelined"

Shadows that left no mercy of a beam of light has vindicated dumsor, now citizens feel marginalized"

Errm! Again, the wise men you've chosen, some citizens said they ask for sex in exchange of job"

When you hear the birds chirping, be vigilant, you may hear them say "the minister has used his office as sex hub"

My brother from Ashanti Region said, hmm! robbery is as common as the availability of Akple to the Ewe man"

Aha! Some are also saying you're at the pinnacle of approving the gay right, i mean, man to man"

Dear Mr. President...
The unusual sound from the horns of the majority that elected you, said they might reject you"

Taking solace in the patience of a pregnant snail, i see them coming after you"

I'm looking to the future of Ghana, the image seemed blur, had it not being the fact that GHANA IS BEYOND AID, i would have borrowed an electron microscope"

My brothers and sisters in Agogo said, fulanis keep attacking and raping their women"

Pastor Otabil said, hmm, he has lost interest in the affairs of governance and the media, he rather prefer watching animal documentary, Believers say a big Amen!"

We are thriving to make ends meet, we are not shifting away from the norms and values that bind us, we can't agree to be exposed to any bad omen"

Dear, Mr. President...
⚫Frederick Brooks De'Poet

by Frederick Brooks

 Posted by: Frederick Brooks


Theseus Kofi Elclasico | 7/3/2018 11:50:28 PM

absolutely flawless


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