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Related Heels

Time by passing my corner
Instinctually the sharp tongue of disbelief
Overwhelmes all others of memory’s taste
I did not want to write a poem
I don’t want to anticipate
When it lits ablaze
Anything that comes in is condemned
To the abyss of chasm
Until it quenches
We lay it aside usually
The ashes for maintenance
The hen coop already contains junks
Unlike the fire log
Fiercely blaze’s, then to a halt
How possible? An Ex
Have a perfect mind of the hen coop
It is imperfectly surrounded
Mucus and phloem, avoid turmoil
Gratitude not gratification
When other fire woods refuse to do well at their office

The urge, going back to the fire log is aroused
Risky! Reunification to an Ex
Pulp flesh tears not breaks
The heart is shredded not cracked
Nothing “crushes” Nothing “splinters”

Unless the heart was ice
Pieces fall with sickening thuds
Red wetness splotches carpets, asphalt and wooden floors

This is how the heart breaks
Torn chunks, clutter hallways, litter streets, mold in closets

Quiver on broken plates
Dry up in empty beds
When you have gotten to your limit’s
Nothing seems to work anymore
Make Ex the alternative
Don’t forget you have become an Ex too
Jealousy intertwined
Either of you seems well doing
Either in life endeavor, another partner in distinction

Pray you get resistance to the wounds
Learn to live with the scars
It gives insight
Relationship get cured if not prevented hallelujah!.

by Sedinam Mcdelyt

 Posted by: Sedinam Mcdelyt

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