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The Clear Enigma

tonight as i sit in this dark corner surrounded with cobwebs, empty beer cans, "maybes" and "what ifs" watching the dancing smoke from my joint struggle to kiss the ceiling before passing out as vagabond cats break the silence by playing wildly on the rusted aluminium sheets over my head my pen spews a sad truth "I'm not the kind of guy my kind of girl wants to be with" "my love overwhelms her. it's a little too perfect", she says it scares her she fights it she's afraid this won't last like we're a typical ronda match like we're the flame at the tip of a match she's afraid she can't match up so she foreshadows a mighty mirage of misery and clings onto it. flow into me flow with me fuck forever let's embrace the magic and lifetime shrouded in each day you're better than enough "great" isn't all rosy sometimes it's thorny. my desperate pleas fall on deaf ears don't you dare say she leaves because she found someone nah, she just ain't familiar with this so she runs from it too careful not to break my heart, she ended up breaking my heart. so tonight my pen spews a sad truth "my love so raw and true, my love left me" a clear enigma - morkeh d

by Morkeh D

 Posted by: Morkeh D

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