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So let me cut through this piece of Sheet

With edges of the words without beat

But can resound better than Poseidon's Gong

Or was it Zeus'

These words are what you dont want to hear

That you are better than what you are now

The world tells you to be like them and bow

To an Odin of Mediocrity

And just think like a man

But look at those gods(mere men)

They ride on Unicorns

But why can you;

Beat them or be them

And Stare in the face of Medusa

At least the stone has a price

So be it.


by Obed Joesus

 Posted by: Obed Joesus

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quot-img-1"JESUS CHRIST alone is the KEY to man's happiness and peace of mind"

By: Rechabites EBY quot-img-1