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Mother Hen

At this time, Age increased
A minute past noon
Arrest the time!
A grip of the time
Activities of growth.
I had hope for the future
I worked hard for it
I am betrothed to success
I worked my way through
I made the difference.
I enjoyed what I do
I learnt on the Job
I grew in training and wisdom
I am an expert
I rule my Contents.
I am an African and locally schooled.
I am my Contents and my believe.
I am ancients in my thought.
I need a break
I need a calm feeling to deliver.
I have a husband!
I have a child,
I have another child
I have another and another…
I look out for them
I am at the expense of time
My time gone and my age increased
My brain no longer photocopied
my brain, the mental arithmetic
My experience married to my read
At the mercy of time.
What I should have have done 15years back
Now been done slowly. No one understands
But every one needs result.
I grew up in the midst of of the market
In my peers it was fun.
I enjoyed playing a lot with my friends
We all had hope for the future.
The existing profession was the best for us.
I chose my path as we all did but. I have always done well

But no one understands me anymore.
At a later age my life playing out once again.
In the midst of children once again,
Not kind of my friends but technological oriented children

They all had it figured out.
They plan out their lives,
I do not have a plan.
I am not intelligent but they are. No one understands when

You correct twice you are a nagging
When you talk you are nosy poking
Isn’t life much more then class
I have done it and I see where the bird is going to perch.

How do I explain my kids barging into the bathroom when I am nude?

No one knows how strong I am because they have never been in my shoes

I would have been far but marriage made me so.
I love my husband and sons
They are the best in the world
The play back of my life
If I had continued at my pace, I would have been done.

Sad studies
“Seek for knowledge as far as as china” the holy prophet of Islam

but the time for the knowledge is not included and no one knows…

Fatimah Bakare-Dickson, B.fa (Bachelors Of Film Art)

Project Manager
Reel Concepts Media
RC is a not-for-profit outfit that utilizes the media in promoting change amongst women and children.


by Fatimah Bola Dickson

 Posted by: Fatimah Bola Dickson

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