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Slavery Must Stop

Slavery must stop.
Slavery must stop its time we rise and fight slavery for how

long shall we continue to enslave our fellow humans.

How long'!! how long, how long shall we continue to close our eyes to

see this barbaric act of slavery continue on our continent .

How long, how long, how long shall we continue to keep quite to see

our brothers and sisters die in this dehumanizing act called slavery.

how long, how long ,how long shall we continue to treat our own

brothers and sisters as animals .
stop slavery! !,stop slavery !! , slavery now is time we stand and say

no to slavery.
Enough is enough how can we be treated as animals on our own continent

How can we be treated as if we don't have rights.

Let us all join in the fight against slavery.

by Redeemer Kwasi

 Posted by: Redeemer Kwasi

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quot-img-1Ques: What is the difference between raping and reaping? Ans: There is no difference, especially where one reap without sowing, they are both tantamount to jail.

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