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The Rape Of Our Virgin Lands

Our vast virgin forests
Are each day raped by 'galamsey' pests,
Our mirrored humble waters
Are polluted so much that we thirst
Our authorities look so confused
As our beautiful lands are by 'galamsey' seduced

Their fertility deplorably reduced
What better crops can be produced?
I weep for our posterity's fate
As our lands and waters remain in such bad state
The sadism of the 'galamsey' we operate
Rendering our progress so late.
I weep for those unborn
Our negligence will make them forlorn,
Our potent lands by 'galamsey' torn
As our authorities continue to put on their unconcerned gown.

I weep for poor Ghana
The sorrow of our 'galamsey' banner
We cry while illegal miners sing hosanna
We ask but we have none to answer.
One day we will all sit to weep
For allowing the Chinese to take us cheap,
One day we will sit down and weep
For our failure to think deep
Arise!! our patriotic chiefs
Arise!! our leaders in suits
Arise!! our youth
Else one day we will taste the bitter 'galamsey' fruit

Our leaders, please let go of the bribe
Let's put our selfish interests aside
Let's divorce this 'galamsey' bride
By defending our national pride.
Shadrack Oteng (Poet-shaddy)

by Shadrack Oteng

 Posted by: Shadrack Oteng

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