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Let It Count

On the bald head of her table sits a variety of dishes.

Some are tasty
Yet others are bitter.
There are those that are zesty
And the many others that are flavourless
Some appear gloomy
Whereas others are bloomy.
Be not fooled
Whichever way it's presented,
The society cares less
Whatever you do with these choices, the society looks on regardless

But her outcome is judged by same
While you remain the target of their blame
The society pays blind eye to its uncooked nature from the start

But has the guts to comment if the end is a failure and requires a restart.

Never fall for any of these unfair societal traits
That have always been their baits
Rather make it worthwhile in the midst of these limitless limitations

Don't cower into their negative expectations
Rather self-courage is the right recipe
Determination is the only spice
And positivity is the wheel to drive on.
Don't be counted as a failure
Rather be counted as the one who made it count
Limitations were the ingredients
But limitless flow is the food you served us all.
By Enoch Ato Eshun

by Enoch Ato Eshun

 Posted by: Enoch Ato Eshun

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