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To My Love

I stood in the middle of fractured emotions
At the crossroads where grief shared a boundary with relief.

The love was colourful but had been stained with dark spots.

I was lost in my thoughts as dejection gave me solace and rejection occupied a lot of space in my troubled heart.

There in my solitude,
You sighted my plight
and made it all yours.
The darks spots you made bright and
saved my despondent soul from the cold arms of darkness.

Mystery will one day reveal the source of that bright moon that led you to the rescue scene.

A merciful love hunter,
You have walked miles
To chase away the darkened face and restored the endangered smiles.

You have, with tender care, nursed the injuries and scars this tortured heart suffered in the hands of treacherous love.

Need I give a copious confession,
When it's all written in my obsession?
You'll just need to pay close attention
To my heartbeats and actions.
For in them are scribed the chemistry
Which foretells our destiny.
To say I love you is an understatement
But finding its superior has been my predicament.
Till there emerges a better word,
All I can say is YOU'RE MY WORLD.

by  enoch Ato Eshun

 Posted by: ¬†enoch Ato Eshun

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