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We Are Debtors

We are debtors
To the mothers who gave us their womb without rent
And husbanded us for nine months
In pain, dizziness and weary, when food tasted bitter,

Their fate unknown towards delivery and after
We are debtors
To the fathers out of whom we came
Faithful fatherly fathers who gave us our name
Fathers that we are photocopies of
From the genesis of our birth.
We are debtors
To the teachers who taught and trained our thoughts

To think, grow and developed into the lots
Teachers whose formal medicine cured our informal ignorance

Who despite our BUTs still held our hands.
We are debtors
To the true many men of God
Who keep teaching us the mind of God
Those whose counselling and prayers
Have helped us out of many failures.
We are debtors
To the fantastic faithful friends who gave us ears
And mopped our tears
Friends who are more than blood relation indeed
Who many times have provided our needs.
We are debtors
To our forefathers of blessed memory
Who are the benchmarks of our history
The John The Baptists of our century
Who prepared the way for our Christ-like entry.
We are debtors
To the lovers in whose intimate soil we daily grow
Lovers who care for us from night to cockcrow
Lovers who act as our life fertilizers
And in accident time our shock absorbers.
We are debtors to all the ALLs who have all in all helped us all

Shadrack Oteng(Poet-Shaddy)

by Shadrack Oteng

 Posted by: Shadrack Oteng

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