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Dear Youth,look! Old Age Is Coming

To those who despise advice in their twenties
Seeing parents and grand parents as talkativeness,
And towards pleasure,each day partying,
Know you this that those with walking stick were yesterday running.

To the youth who have forgotten their root
And who love lies more than truth,
For how long will you continue
as old age comes like a bitter communion?
To those who see their youthful beauty as weapon
And with with give themselves as entertaining coupon

Take your time because time is working with decay
And soon,old age will fade your beauty away.
To our younger ladies
Who for flipping beauty pages
Keep on bleaching their skin each day
Know you this that old age is on the way.
To our younger guys
Who per their strength each day like sex machine drives

Boasting themselves as sexual commandos,
old age will soon put you on your toes
To our younger generation who has no patience
Who sees the aged as ancients
And who are busily chasing modernism,
Know you this that old age comes with its spasm.
The aged were like us,we shall be like them
watch your steps else you shan't even reach them.


by Shadrack Oteng

 Posted by: Shadrack Oteng


mariama adams | 9/5/2018 11:38:28 AM

good work


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