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 the Truth……?

What if the life we’re living today is a lie, is just a dream? No, I do not think so.

What if histories have been rewritten towards a course?

What if times and laws have been changed and are changing towards a new order?

What if the so-called modern lifestyle being lead is towards an agenda?

What if the religions in practice have questionable and doctored doctrines?

What if the clergy and powerful people in the world are misleading?

What if the formal education is not really for the purpose we think?

What if the inventions and technologies being enjoyed today have different motives?

What if viruses and parasites that cause killer diseases are manufactured in the laboratory with intent?

What if the foods consumed are engineered and adulterated to harm our health?

What if democracy is not the savior perceived to be?

What if the grants, aids and loans given to have-nots nations have ulterior motives?

What if the news in the media are filtered, altered and doctored to conceal truth?

What if the endless conflicts and wars around the world are orchestrated?

What if there is truth in all the lines above?
What if you ask whether it matter?
What if I tell you yes, it matter, if you believe in God and all that comes with Him

What if we cease it?
What if we cannot because they are divine prophecies?

What if I tell you the end time is nigh than you think or have been hearing?

What if I tell you to be in the world but not of the world?

What if I urge you to be wary of these, to save our souls (SOS) for the other side?

What if………..

by    Atura Joshua Oscar

 Posted by:    Atura Joshua Oscar

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