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The Ginakom Story

I know a woman called Ginakom/
She was born into a family of poverty/
She had no formal education/
She was tried to be defined by society/
But she was focused relentlessly/
In her strive to thrive out of the many/
She went through misery/
To set up a small-scale business/
It was evolving over the years/
She fulfilled her family and social responsibilities/

She was at the verge of achieving her dreams/
Tragedy stroke her business/
It was in depression and shambles/
She was absolutely devastated/
But as usual, she ne´er relented/
She started her business again indebted/
She managed it earnestly despite the obstacles/
Despite the indebtedness, she still takes care of her responsibilities/

She is one of a kind in the universe/
All appreciates her efforts/
She is a blessing in umpteen folds/
Society needs to honour these kinds/
Her offspring are taking care of that/
The emergence of The Ginakom Group/
Not just a group, but a movement, to lead the legacies and dreams of Ginakom.

by Atura Joshua Oscar

 Posted by: Atura Joshua Oscar


Iddirisu | 11/26/2017 1:21:56 AM

This poem is good, it tells that ONE shoud'nt giveup easily .


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