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Perpetual, the imbecile sees
Delusional, the enlightened and conscious descry
The frequent desire and struggle causes unrest
Little did he know it is time for him to rest
As vast as the cosmos and as little as mote
You choose how you envision
How you walk
How you talk
Placidly and pacifyingly, the wise
It soothes, he relaxes, calms
He never relent
But always content
An he gains the ultimate
And as for him
The insensate
The constant struggle to acquire
He never realise everything including him belongs to nature

Busy he is, restless
The megalomaniac, narcissist
Proud of his accomplishments
Never perceive it is transitory
Until 'retirement'
This 'retirement' ceases the body, soul and mind

Not just salary
For the conscious, wise and enlightened, footprints are left

Yes they walked here, and mother earth is ever grateful

The imbecile, supercilious relieves the planet of great stress

Mother earth cheers to the departure of him
A journey of impact or
A journey of self
Journey wisely and
By Mohammed Hamza
Young Biologist and Philosopher,
UDS Navrongo

by Mohammed Hamza

 Posted by: Mohammed Hamza

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