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Why Forsake Me

Why have you forsaken me.
Why have you forsaken me.
I sit to think of it but could not get any strong reason it all seems

to me like a dream.
I woke up to experience a new day in my life and it all seems like a dream.

Life truly teaches a lot of lessons. We sit at various places as

brothers and sisters, like Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, like

Romeo and Juliet to think great into the future but just to wake up

oneday to know that I have been forsaken.
Is this how life tells its stories.
Is it a dream or a real life story.
Hmmmmmm why have you forsaken me. Life they say is full of surprises

why forsake me is it because of your status or because I failed to

make use of the word today by not doing what I must do today or by

failing to take decisions I must take today but but rather taking my

today to be tomorrow.
Is it a kind of dream or reality or am I the one still on the fence or

being myopic.
I remember the days we stand by each other to appreciate the beauty of

nature, appreciate the goodwork of nature. The days and nights we

spend in the rain and the sun together but to wake up to the surprise

of being rejected and forsaken by those who spend all this times with

me together have now forsaken me or am I still on the fence or I am

being myopic that I can look into the future and predict what the

future holds.

by Redeemer Kwasi

 Posted by: Redeemer Kwasi

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