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I Am An African Child

A poem by Kenneth Gyamerah to commemorate the Celebration of the Day of the African Child

I am an African Child
I am not an African because of my skin colour.
I am not an African because I was born in Africa by African Parents

I am an African because Mama Africa was born in me.

I am limitless because I have great gifts and talents

Africa is my home and I'm proud of my root.
Africa is not a country
Africa is a continent just like Asia, Europe and America

Mama Africa is blessed with a youthful population -vibrant youth who are willing to risk everything to have a decent shot of life.

Mama Africa is not poor
We need foreign trade instead of foreign aids
Mama Africa needs strong and working institutions instead of strong men.

As an African child, I believe that I'm not too young to run.

As an African Child, I believe in Africa!
I envision an Africa which will be a beacon of hope and opportunities

I see an Africa where everyone will live in harmony regardless of tribe, religion or colour.

Sometimes, as an African child, I cry every dawn because of the way our leaders are running affairs.

Corruption is the chronic disease of Africa
As an African child, I will do my best to cure the disease of corruption.

Oneday, Africa will be borderless
There will be free movement in Africa .
I don't see myself as a Ghanaian or South African,

I see myself as an African.
So call me the African Child.
Give the African Child an opportunity and they will deliver.

I believe in Mama Africa
Africa arise!
Whether you are from the East, West, South or North.

We are one people with one common goal.
God bless the African Child.

by Kenneth Gyamerah

 Posted by: Kenneth Gyamerah

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