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It Was Dawn

I woke up went out and smiled
Guess wat
Our fresher days are coming to an end
Days of running like a kangaroo from bed to get numbers

Days of running to the dinning hall with 6 napkins and bowls

Days of running and falling in gutters
Days of bad treatment
When your fellow age mate could call you a villager in the name of I

came to college before you
Fresher Fresher Fresher
Is been a Fresher a crime
Uncountable days to the end the name fresher is now countable

Days of been called hey Fresher instead of my real names.

All I see is smiles and happiness
In the face of my mate fresher's
Ayekooo to our Fresher days
Indeed been a fresher is a disease

by Kukubor Redeemer

 Posted by: Kukubor Redeemer

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