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The Change I Need In My Country

The time has come,the time for change has really come and that time is now. Arise oh youth arise and fight the course for change. For we need the change that is going to benefit us and all our generations to come.

It is time we stand against mob injustice in our society. Why should we sit and watch people take the laws into their own hand. Where are the legal institutions in the society is time we stand for change. Let leave politics and take up the fight against mob injustice. Innocent people are suffering from this act of mob injustice is time we stand together and fight for change who knows next time it may be you or me that may fall a victim for this wicked act of mob injustice. For united we stand and fight the course against mob injustice but divided we suffer for it.

Fellow country do we sit in our communities for government to start the fight against mob injustice?

We can also set the pace before the government comes in Why do we take the law into our own hands. Is that the victims of this barbaric don't have any right. Do we only shout at the top of our voices saying "say no to mob injustice " without putting a stop to it. Its time our YES become yes and No become no.lets stop destroying the future of this country and build the future now.

by Kukubor Redeemer

 Posted by: Kukubor Redeemer

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