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Galamsey Must Stop

Oh you visitations of crime and pollution
Tell me your solution
Oh you men who rage violently on my land
Please bed the hole with the sand

Oh you deadly son of no reputation
Selfish acquirer of delectation
Please lend your ear to our future satisfaction
For tomorrow cries for liberation

Oh you men of wealthy evil
I know your master insights your morale
But why are you still poor after the many getting?
And yet you do not tell him your bemoan?

Oh sons and daughters of the Black Star
Our waters are crying for a rescue
For they are powerless
They are senseless
And so
Are mutilated
Today, they said no
They cannot be soothed anymore

So ye sons of the Black Star
Stop threading the jaws of the land
With thy Mercury and electronics
Of no gloves nor goggles

O my country, my motherland!
I foresee a society of useless waters
And dying undying citizens
Oh I foresee ye sons of Ghana
As stateless citizens
So thy evil must end.

Oh you miners of the mineral
I know you are hungry
But do not sell your waters for money
For what sense does it make to have money but no food and water to buy?

Oh sons and daughters of the Black Star
Let your innocence save our country
And let not your guilt imprison our existence
Let not thy evil bring a wasted generation
For the predicaments are a trillion

So when your master says dig
Hesitate not to honor him the pig
Just so you are not that cowboy
That drains the milk for the kings joy

So you sons of my country
Let not the rot of the waters persist
For my dark sky of lamentation
Has received a warm smile of abrupt
To the rotten visitation

But for thy mess
I shall invite Mr bless
Of our mother star
So thy unknown evil be expiated

Go ye sons
Go and do evil no more
Oh go
For you are acquitted

Bayuoni Dramani Maazu
(Negus the Poet)

Let us all put hands together to arrest Galamsey. We cannot be proud citizens of someone else's land!

by Bayuoni Dramani Maazu

 Posted by: Bayuoni Dramani Maazu

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