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Oh! Mother Ghana

Stanza 1
Oh! Ghana, mother Ghana
You had everything that could make you prosper forever

Your children made you part of the stars of Africa
Gold, diamond, bauxite and timber were all your children

Oh! Mother Ghana
Stanza 2
Europe saw your beauty and the children you bore
He married you without paying the needed bride price

He took your children away and they didn't come back

This left you sores on all parts of your body
Oh! Mother Ghana
Stanza 3
Today, you want your children back to heal your wounds but you don't get them

Your state is bad but your children have healed the wounds of other people so good

Will they ever come back?
Will they ever come to heal you once again?
Oh! Mother Ghana
Stanza 4
But, I know a wind would blow
Tomorrow would be another day
A star would shine and a new child would come to cure your wounds

That day, you would be freed from sores and your former days would be restored

Oh! Mother Ghana
Tweneboah Peter-Junior
(Young Writer's Forum)

by Tweneboah Peter-Junior

 Posted by: Tweneboah Peter[-] Junior


Anthony | 5/5/2018 1:33:14 PM

Very inspirational


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