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Mother Africa Is In Tears

Hmmm mama Afrca is really in tears for how her sons and daughters are misbehaving .it is the hope of every mother to see her children excel in life and they provide every thing they may need to achieve that so does mother Africa. But her children are not helping her that make her feel sad and always in tears. most of her children wish to sit for her to provide them with food and shelter although it must not be so they sit using their productive times doing things that will not help them. They sit in the cafe to do unnecessary things that will not help them trusting their destinies in hands of unknown people with the hope becoming successful forgetting that to become successful is not on a silver platter but it comes through strive and hardwork others spend their times in prayer camps without working but with the hope of becoming successful forgetting that it takes a little effort and Gods intervention for one to become successful. it high time we change our attitude towards work in order to put smiles on the face of mother Africa. Long Africa and Long live mother Ghana. Redeemer Kwasi writes ©

by Redeemer Kwasi

 Posted by: Redeemer Kwasi

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