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Where Are We Heading

Hmmm where are we heading to?
Gone at the days is this how it was?
Is it because we are in a new era?
Can someone tell me the cause of all this wicked acts?

When that youngman or lady is struggling to survive no one knows him,those that know him calls him by different names,some even treats him any how but the moment he bigins to prosper people who ignore him during hard times begins to come closer.

The wicked start to tag him with names to tarnish his image and reputation.

Hmmm what a wicked world.
If you can't do something and am able to do it why try to eliminate me?

Why not try to bringout what is in you for the world to see why try to eliminate me with black magic?

It is time we use the black magic to help our continents move foward.

Arise Afrca youths and move Africa forward.
Long live Africa Long live mother Ghana.
Redeemer Kwasi writes ©

by Redeemer Kwasi

 Posted by: Redeemer Kwasi

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